The construction discipline has been at the heart of Sami Nahas Law Firm for nearly two decades, its culmination to date being when the firm has started in 1994, and continues to advise on one of the largest construction and real estate projects in the Middle East, being the reconstruction, rehabilitation and development of Beirut Central District – known as the Solidere project. We participated in the drafting of the laws of this essential project and Sami Nahas, was since Solidere’s creation, until very recently, a member of its board of directors and remains its principal legal counsel.

We act also for medium and large scale developments including the most significant real estate projects in Lebanon.

The Firm advises various players in construction and development projects including owners, project sponsors, developers, funders, contractors, sub-contractors, architects, engineers, development and project managers and others, and our expertise covers the different phases of a construction project.

We advise on simple construction schemes as well as on complex projects such as mixed-use projects comprising commercial offices, shopping centers, high-end residential buildings, condominiums, and others. Our lawyers negotiate and draft under regular or consortium schemes construction contracts, consultancy agreements, warranties and performance securities, performance bonds and guarantees.

Our lawyers have a strong expertise in construction contracts based on the Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs Conseils (FIDIC) model and are experienced in all options of contracts, including, single construction contracts through a general contractor or multi-trade contracts, design-build (D/B), design build-operate-maintain (DBOM), build-operate-transfer (BOT), engineer-procure-construct (EPC).

Our firm is renowned for its significant experience in dispute resolution related to construction law matters, whether public or semi-public or private projects, including defect liabilities, delays and extensions, payment issues, indemnity provisions, insurance requirements, unforeseen conditions, additional compensation, final payment, project completion and other claim.

Our construction lawyers have a deep understanding of all legal aspects that should be taken into consideration in the construction contract, as well as on the regulatory and licensing aspect.

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